Today’s applications are requiring higher transmit power and greater efficiency to support mission critical deployments.

Block up converters are continuing to take market share from transceivers. Why? It’s simple: big wattage is better than small wattage to deliver higher capacities in mission critical applications. Even before this trend was discernable, SAGE SatCom began delivering a Ka Band lineup of products featuring higher power, smaller size, and lower cost. Now, having delivered hundreds of high powered Ka Band units that provide customers with the power and efficiency they have been seeking, SAGE SatCom is poised to deliver many thousands more in the coming years to meet the escalating market demand. And not only is our Ka Band BUC, along with our Ku Band and C Band lineups the most technologically advanced, they are also the best value proposition for high-end deliveries.

As part of REMEC Broadband Wireless, SAGE SatCom is a pioneer in developing GaN-based Ka band BUCs at highly linear power levels, all in smaller packages, and all with exceptional power dissipation characteristics. This last feature is critical to maritime terminal manufacturers, for example, as our Ka Band BUCs stay cool, even when enclosed in very small radome spaces. We also ensure commercial and military conformity, and other demanding criteria including stricter shock, vibration, and electromagnetic interference standards.

Along with the hundreds of SAGE SatCom Ka Band block up converters deployed thus far, REMEC Broadband Wireless has delivered over a million microwave and millimeter radios, testament to the technical performance, robust design, and inherent quality of all of our radio frequency products.

Yes, the trend in Ka Band is toward higher power. And SAGE SatCom has the products that will meet your strict requirements, minimize your capital and operating budgets, and keep you ahead of the competition.