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Service Provider Solutions

Satellite service providers and operators are challenged to deliver high bandwidth services cost effectively. With 100s of times the bandwidth available over Ku-band satellites, Ka-band spectrum is ideal for providing high-capacity next generation 4G/LTE services. And with solid state GaAs and GaN technology, SAGE SatCom’s lineup of Ka-Band block up converters, linear amplifiers and transceivers, lower OPEX costs are realized in terms of low power consumption and high efficiency. Further, a single frequency agile unit covers the entire 29–31 GHz spectrum, yielding lower spare holdings. The compact size and mounting ease of the SAGE SatCom RF units lend to installation in all situations, from earth stations to remote terminals to flyaways, enabling operators and service providers to quickly implement communications in today’s fast-paced, connected world.

Service Provider

Satellite Communications Service Provider Solutions